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Ghanizadeh was Appointed to the CEO of CORC

In a decree issued by Kazem Khavazi, Minister of agriculture jihad, Alireza Ghanizadeh was appointed to the CEO of the Central Organization for Rural Cooperation(CORC).

Mr. Ghanizadeh's appointment order reads as follows: "We hope that with the help of God Almighty and the cooperation of the specialized and committed staff of that organization, you will take effective steps to achieve the goals of the agricultural sector."

The introductory ceremony of Alireza Ghanizadeh, as well as the appreciation of Hossein Shirzad, the former CEO of the organization, was held on Wednesday, May 27th, in the presence of Abbas Keshavarz, Senior Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture-Jihad and a group of senior managers.

" Implementing contract farming, boosting the production chain with a focus on horticulture , and supporting specialized agricultural organizations, are the most important tasks of CORC", Keshavarz said.

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