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Iranian Rural Cooperative Body, German Company Discuss seed Production: Deputy Minister

The meeting was held in Tehran Wednesday between Deputy Minister of Agriculture-Jihad and Chief of the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives (CORC) Hossein Shirzad and the CORC Chief Executive Dr. Razaghi and Larse Word, regional manager of sugar beet seed for German company of KWS, Spanish Agrointec agent and International Erfan Arshan in Iran.

At the meeting, they discussed future prospect for high quality seed production compatible to Iran agricultural needs.

Larse Word, for his part, presented a report of KWS conditions, and introduced it as one the biggest and oldest European companies in producing industrial seeds like sugar beet, corn, sunflower, grains and oilseeds.

He added this company provides over 60% of the world sugar beet seeds and 86% of U.S need is annually produced on 530 hectares ,40%  of Russia sugar beet seed with annually 1 million hectare of plantation, 94%  of Switzerland  seed with 80 thousands hectare of plantation, 74% of German seed with annually 269 thousands hectares of plantation and 36% of France market with annually 400 thousands hectares of plantation.

He said the company has the highest quality of corn seed, both seed and animal feeding, considering nutrition values, performance and resistance, saying studies in recent years in Iran have confirm the high performance.

Also at the meeting, Dr. Razaghi presented a report about seed activities and describes certain plans designed by production cooperative network for providing logistic and tools specialized for sugar beet and sugar factories.

Finally, Hossein Shirzad underlined the CORC’s preparedness for any cooperation to that end and for removing obstacles. He also mentioned the importance of  provision of high quality seeds for farmers and cooperatives.

He also promised to facilitate the process and provide finance to localize and produce the necessary seeds inside Iran and also to localize seed production technology.


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