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Iran to Run Modern farming Systems

 An official of Agriculture-Jihad ministry reported on implementing of three pivotal plans for renovating farming systems nationwide

Hossein Shirzad, who is also the CEO of the Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC), said from the first of 2019, there have been developed 74 new farming systems throughout 200,000 hectares, meanwhile, the feasibility studies of 41 new systems are on the process.
"Participatory –management of water resources is implementing through running development of 44 Rural Production Cooperatives (RPCs)" as well as the piping irrigation of Systan plain, he added.
Outlining the empowerment indexes of the abovementioned plans, he informed on implementing 5 projects including organic farming, farming improved potato seeds, development of the processing units for crops, safe farming and Simab project.
"Serganic Agro Corporation is developed through affiliation of 12 local RPCs to handle organic and certificated farming through the country, also the improved seeds are producing in Hamadan and Ghazvin ", the official said.
Furthermore, Shirzad said that the beet sugar has been farming in about 5000 hectares. These farms have been irrigating through T-Tape in pilot projects.

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