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Iran Pays off Saffron Farmers' Debts: Deputy Minister

Hossein Shirzad, who is also the Chief executive officer of the Central Organization for Rural Cooperative of Iran (CORC ) said to support saffron farmers against price fluctuations, rural cooperative societies have been managed to purchase over 30 tons of saffron and paid the farmers amounting IR.120 billion, up to now.

Enjoying the absolute advantage and ranking the first through the world in the saffron production, naturally Iran should be the globally pricing reference" the official added.

Earlier last month, despite relative global stability, the saffron market experienced artificial price falling due to the collaboration of some brokers and middlemen at the national and international levels, however, CORC has succeeded to stop the decreasing trend by taking market-oriented measures.

Shirzad expressed the hope that through taking the appropriate measures, while setting a favorable price floor for future saffron transactions in the international markets, it would increase the export rate of this strategic product

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