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Alerts for Smart Agriculture (Part1)

To what age of agriculture history, our farming systems belong? Have we transitioned from traditional agriculture toward the modern one, namely the green revolution?

Are the requirements of post-modern practices have fully provided by the challenges of modern agriculture system? Are the role-playing of the permaculture and historical indigenous knowledge have been expired?

Answering these questions would not be hard when we appreciate that world agriculture has fetched to the smart agriculture age.

In fact, the growing rate of technology has led to increasing changes, imbalance, and new opportunities and furthermore a big gap among different societies concerning applied agricultural practices. Biotechnologies, IOT, automation, artificial intelligence make this threat that the paradigm shift of the farming system and food security would be more rapid than the matching power of the national economy.

On the other hand, inappropriate use of natural resources has destroyed the traditional farming systems while the global warming and climate change threaten the environment and safety, so that, definitely the world food security would face a big challenge by 2050. Notwithstanding, the drought and flood, and so many natural disasters would reduce the global yield of cereals which, in turn, cause food and water insecurity, farmers' productivity weakening and high cost of food importing. In a transitional millennium of traditional agriculture toward selective farming and mechanized cropping, the human has reached the third wave of agriculture, based on the applied combination of ICT, precision agriculture, cloud analysis, satellite data, multispectral sensors, and smart farming. Nowadays, digital IP and biosensor collars for heath control of cattle as well as the milking robots have transformed the livestock industry in France and Germany.

The Internet connecting tractors, smart harvesting machines, smart irrigation (reducing 30% water consumption), artificial lighting, automated farming, smart pest management, smart climate control for forecasting hail and freeze damages are some of the modern agricultural technologies.(to be continued)

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