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The Necessity of Targeting in the renovation process of Saffron Market

The background of Saffron in Iran, is more than 210 years old", Stated H. Shirzad, the deputy minister and CEO of CORC .

Declaring   the Saffron as a safe and income- generating crop with the targeted customers, as well as confirming Iran as the biggest producer of Saffron with 85% of the global share, he stated that export enhancement through planning and infrastructural development would enhance the foreign incomes.

Declaring that CORC at the last year by  market –oriented interventions  with the aim of supporting saffron farmers of South and Razavi Khorasan had been succeeded to implement the supporting policies of guaranteed purchasing of the Agriculture-Jahad Ministry, CORC had purchased 67 tons of different varieties of Saffron ,Shirzad stated.

"More than 65 tons of Saffron had been sold in the stock market exchange and significant volume had been exported too", he added.

Briefing the jointly  long- term plan of Saffron, implemented by CORC and Agriculture-Jahad Ministry in the form of Purchase supporting and export supplying, Shirzad stated that development of Saffron Market in the stock exchange market is the basic  requirement of launching the international stock exchange market for Saffron which unexpectedly appreciated by Saffron traders.

"Islamic republic of Iran and international market stock exchange will be the unique resources of price-determining for Saffron. Meanwhile we will have an unexpected clarity of the price as well as the quality for Saffron in our country which will bring about good fame and trust for us as the biggest capital", Shirzad Added.


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