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Iran Reveals Details of the Market Adjustment Plan for the Iranian Red Gold, Saffron: Deputy Minister

An official of Iran agriculture ministry announced that Iran is implementing a comprehensive plan to adjust the saffron market as well as to protect small scale saffron farmers against dealer men.

Hossein shirzad who is also the chief executive officer of Central Organization for Rural Cooperatives of Iran (CORC), said in the previous cropping year (started on March 2018), the price of the highest quality saffron fetch drastically up, however during the current year it has decreased notwithstanding   a major reason for such a drastic price falling the tricks of the international dealer men.

Confirming the significance of saffron, as a native and precious crop of Iran, Shirzad reminded that maintaining the historical and international background of saffron is one of the most important policies of the Agriculture-Jihad ministry that is reflected in the Minister's official order.

Explaining the detailed plan of target-oriented interventions of CORC in the saffron market, the official said we are going to restore Iran's stance as an international reference for saffron pricing and marketing to diminish the bad consequence of dealer men interventions. In the saffron market, Iran should reach the trading status that deserves to the production and quality of the crop.

Development of purchasing centers in the saffron hub provinces, forming ad-hoc working groups comprised of the state and non-state stockholders of the saffron value chain at the provincial level are of the main step of the operational procedure that is being done through the country.

"After receiving an official introduction letter issued by the local agriculture department which includes the amount of harvested saffron volume, farmers deliver the sample of saffron to the authenticated quality laboratories to be controlled from the standard quality points. After the confirmation of the quality, the ad-hoc working group issues a certificate that allows farmers to receive the due money in current cropping year (Stared in mid-March 2019)." he added.

Due to appropriate precipitations and supporting measures taken by agriculture ministry, it is anticipated that the saffron yield fetch up 500 tons in the current cropping year (started in the mid-March 2019)

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