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CORC Presents the Impressive Achievements

In the ordinary general assembly of CORC, held on September, 4th, the performance of CORC in the fiscal year ended to March, 20th, was assessed in the attendance of Mehrfard, the representative of Agriculture-Jihad ministry and chairperson of the general assembly, representatives of ministry of economic affairs and finance, Plan and budget organization, CEO of central union for rural and agricultural cooperatives (CURACI) and CEO of CORC.

Explaining the performance of CORC, H.Shirzad, named the cancelation of privatization of CORC as one of the most significant achievements of the year, which was led to solving the challenging problem of CORC including the shortage of human resource and budget.

He also pointed out that 6% of revenue increased when 42% of net loss decreased; meanwhile, the official said that the income increasing includes 23% of trade income and 47% of pre-payments

Referring to the development of "the secretariat of the supreme supervisory board for Iran agricultural guilds", he maintained that institutionalizing in the cooperative network had led to close many trade files

Reporting on financial measures of CORC, including supplying and distribution of horticultural crops for market regulating, the senior advisor of CORC, Dr. Heshmat, referred to the marketing of 67-ton Saffron in the Iran agricultural Mercantile Exchange as well as more than 4000-ton Estammeran dates.

Moreover, the deputy manager on the development of agricultural cooperatives and societies, Dr.Moslemi presented a detailed report on creating farmer's organizations at the national and local level in accordance with the adopted policies of the Agriculture-jahad ministry and value supply chain, nationwide.

Expressing the satisfactions with the impressive performance of CORC and the dramatic transformation of the performance indexes, the representatives of the ministry of economic affairs and finance, Plan and budget organization, called the top manager of CORC to continue with this process.

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