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International workshop was held in Qazvin

The international workshop on "Sorghum and Maize seed production" was held on 25 September 2018 with participation of the cropping deputy minister of Agriculture-jahad, managers, experts and farmers in Baghestan agriculture complex of Qazvin.

The workshop was held by cooperation of BETKA (Iran Corporation of agriculture cooperatives) and FNPSMS (National Federation of Sorghum and Maize of France). 

"Climate change and drought challenges necessitate substitution of Alfalfa with Sorghum and Maize in fodder production", A. Keshavarz, the cropping deputy minister of Agriculture-Jahad, said.

 Declaring the Ministry supporting attitude toward cooperation with private sector including BETKA and FNPSMS, he confirmed to include technology transfer of seed production in the contract between two parties two parties.

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