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Rural production cooperatives will be Agricultural Specialized Polyclinics by cooperation with Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering Organization

The meeting of "cooperation strategies of CORC and natural resources engineering organization and rural production cooperatives", attended by Dr. H. Shirzad Sh. Ramezannejad, H.Enayati, N.Alizaedh, M. Razzaghi and a number of managers.

The agricultural-jahad deputy minister and CEO of CORC, in this meeting, discussed the development of non-governmental agricultural service centers. Emphasizing on the cooperation between CORC and agricultural and natural resources engineering organization(SANKA), said despite signing MOU between two parties in about 4 years ago, no effective measure had been taken. Further cooperation should be sought based on the common intellectual approach between two organizations rather than the above-mentioned MOU.

Referring to the national determination on the renovating the rural cooperatives, Shirzad maintained that definitely, the renovation process requires hiring trusted and educated staffs that could be employed by the agricultural and natural resources engineering organization(SANKA).

Briefing the previous cooperation on software issues, the official confirmed the potential of CORC for implementation of the vision and future plans of SANKA.

"CORC and SANKA could develop air or cargo transportation system based on the shareholding corporation", he implied. Shirzad also added that this will empower both parties to overhaul the trade services.

Referring to the cancellation of privatization of CORC, CEO of CORC mentioned it as a valuable opportunity to take effective measures.

Meanwhile, the deputy minister mentioned the full readiness of CORC to develop cooperative ties with SANKA to develop non-governmental agriculture service centers by enjoying the potential of the rural production cooperatives, agro-corporations, and agro-industry Corporation. CORC is undergoing the metamorphosis process which definitely, in turn, depicts the future of CORC.

Conceptual Richness of Rural Production Cooperatives

Saying that rural production cooperatives act similar to the non-governmental agricultural service centers, Shirzad implied that it is the time of formalizing the services of the rural production cooperatives as one of their main duties. Development of non-governmental agricultural service centers dose does not deny the existence of rural production cooperatives; rather it connotes the conceptual richness. It means each cooperative representing a specialized polyclinic, indicates that it accepts a responsibility which engages it in a win-win game. This facilitates not only the financial statement but also a kind of metamorphosis which push forward them toward specialized activities. In this process, the rural production cooperatives are permitted to use the logo of (SANKA) which enables them to take advantage of the legal authority of SANKA.

"It is time to get a fresh perspective. We should take advantages of every change. Development of non-governmental service centers without the association of rural production cooperatives would only arouse bad competition," he added. 

Shirzad also maintained that by this MOU, each rural production cooperatives is eligible to enjoy the legal advantages of SANKA   and in return, payback a commission rate to this organization.

Arbitration OF CORC

"CORC would act as an arbitrator and supervisor of the MOU signed between central unions of rural production cooperatives (CURPC) and SANKA", the Official implied.

He also stated that this MOU bears no risk for rural production cooperatives and there is no cause of concern.

Emphasizing the requirement of development of a task force group, consisting of the representatives of CURPC and SANKA, he mentioned that this task force is charged to figure out the percentage of commission rate.

Head of SANKA expressed hope on cooperation between two organizations

The head of SANKA, dr.Ramezannajad said that by adopting such an approach, we hope to trigger new fields of cooperation.

Referring to the challenges of the agricultural sector, the head of SANKA, Dr. Ramezaninejad, maintained that the agriculture sector suffers from lack of non-state capital, meaning that private capital raising is not rapid enough. Tackling this challenge requires to accentuate the creative business for capital raising. Furthermore, SANKA in cooperation with CORC developed a leasing system for capital raising as a new monetary and banking tool.

Mentioning the low rate of sharing agricultural knowledge and technology, he called the extension and education, as the main mission of SANKA, since it is generally agreed that knowledge creates productivity.

"Despite the huge volume of data in many disciplines, unfortunately, we have faced the knowledge scarcity in the agriculture sector. Although knowledge extension is accentuated by the Article of Association, it was neglected during the last 15 years. Development of knowledge-based corporation as a one proactive remained uncompleted. We believe in the development of non-governmental agricultural service centers as the final lost ring which could extend agricultural knowledge and technology. We are going to extend using drones in the different parts of agriculture. Henceforth, the non-governmental agricultural service centers would act as a showcase to represent the sustainable agricultural technologies", Ramezannejad said.

Referring to the lack of integrated and strong private organizations in the agricultural sector, he said that in cooperation with farming system bureau of CORC, we could develop strong private enterprises which empower the agriculture sector to face the water scarcity challenges.

"The membership of SANKA amounts 250,000 experts whose skill training can strengthen the agricultural sector, this will not be provided except through the leading private sector. Through the geographical arrangement of these members in the field as well as their training with the help of the CORC, we can achieve this goal through in 2497 villages of the country", the Official added.



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