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CORC develops professional agricultural organizations

The upstream agricultural Laws, as well as the contents of Article of association of CORC, support development the specialized agro-organization, Shirzad, the jahad-agriculture deputy minister and CEO of CORC said.

According to the 3rd Article of CORC Article of Association along with the 5th Article of the "Act of Agriculture productivity", development of the professional organization and crop-based federations should be facilitated by CORC as well as Agriculture-Jahad ministry to improve business and to remove trade obstacles, Shirzad implied.

Persuading the CORC policies toward  institutionalize the agro-activities, the primary measures for organizing specialized farmers' organizations, including the "green-houses society", "Association of agricultural input distributors for aquaculture, livestock and poultry", "Rose growers association" , "Daffodil growers association" and " national seed federation" had been taken place ,the official reminded.

He also added that there were developed more than 5000 hectares of greenhouses nationwide which their monitoring demands unified management that is going to be facilitated through the establishment of "Greenhouses Association".

Meanwhile, the "Association of agricultural input distributors for aquaculture, livestock and poultry", was developed based request of the founding board of the guild association for agricultural inputs to meet the need of distribution loops for production of the animal proteins.

"Paving the way of the new partnership these farmers organization for new trade ties act as the supportive umbrella and boost the cooperatives to tackle the risks and challenges of the trading world", Shirzad stated.

The secretary of the "Supreme supervisory board of Iran agricultural guild", in the meantime maintained that the first coordination meeting for development of the national seed federation had held on, July, 10th, 2019.

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