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A Major transformation in the National potato Seed Production by CORC

Dr.H. shairzad, the agriculture-Jahad deputy minister and CEO of CORC declared that Iran, by producing more than 5000000 tones potato, ranks among 13 top countries.

Up to 2004, annually 2000 seed potato was imported from European countries which impose a high cost on the national revenue since it demanded about 4 million US$. Economic dependency, as well as food insecurity because of quarantine diseases, was the bad consequences of such importing, Shirzad implied.

Referring to the outstanding leaps of developing countries on potato production from 2005,the deputy minister stated that during the 90s decade ,European countries, North American countries and the Soviet Union were the significant potato producer and consumer, notwithstanding ,based on the FAO survey, the increasing demand for potato has led to fetch the potato production from 30 million tons in the 60s decade to 165 million tons in 2007 by Asian African and Latin American countries. Producing 99 million tones and 49 million tons annually, China and India stand at the global big potato producers, respectively, meanwhile, the FAO reports says that, having more than 160000 hectares of potato farms, Iran is ranked among 13 global potato producers

Regarding the project of the potato seed production, the official reminded that production of the safe seed by using modern biotechnological methods is an ever-increasing endeavor made by the rural production cooperatives. About 68 tones of the seed potato varieties including Agria, Jelly, Sante, Burren, Banba and 280000 mini tubers has produced and graded in a project run by the joint venture between Hormozabad and Golpaygan RPCs in about 7 hectares in Isfahan.

" Central union of the rural production cooperatives (CURPC), has succeeded to produce more than 48 tones of potato seed of Jelly, Banba, and Sante varieties in Eghlid in Fars province and Isfahan, consequently CORC and the affiliated unions of the rural and agricultural cooperatives have been succeeded to supply the major of seed potato nationwide which brings  about national self-sufficiency  as well as exchange saving" ,Shirzad added.


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