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The National Federation of the Agro-startup is going to establish by CORC

 Visiting the agro-startups hall in the 25the Elecomp fair in Tehran, Dr.Shirzad, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture-Jahad and CEO of CORC, announced the creating   a federation dedicated to the agro-startups According to PAT, on July 19th, Shirzad attended at the first pavilion of agro-startups, while negotiating with the main stakeholders on the faced challenges of this modern business, stated that " unity" is the main target of setting up the federation for agro-startups

"This federation could effectively adjudicate and seek the legal, intellectual, industrial, and financial and commercial rights of the agro-startups", the official added

Meanwhile, Shirzad, expressed hope that the establishment of this federation would benefit the other stakeholders of the mutually agricultural activities, including cooperatives, furthermore.

"The regulations and bylaw are going to be adopted by the legal department of CORC, therefore in a recent future, we are going to witness the emerging of new corporate governing structures, which suitably fit the significant activities of agro-startups", Shirzad reminded
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