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The Agreed Purchase Price of Raw Silk Cocoon Set by CORC

The agreed purchase price of the raw silk cocoon, amounting to 11ton, produce by silkworm rearers of Guilan and Golestan provinces, set to 75500 Tomans per kg, by CORC.

According to the information center of CORC, H.Shirzad,the  agriculture-Jahad deputy minister and CEO of CORC, announced the set price of the raw silk cocoon, adding that by the completion of the harvesting time, the agreed purchasing has triggered by the rural cooperatives union of Guilan and Golestan.

Aiming to support the sericulture, as an old significant and lucrative industry, Shirzad informed on decisive role-playing of rural cooperatives in the agreed purchase of the raw silk cocoon. 

Referring to the anticipation of Iran silk farming center, the silk production will fetch to 481 ton in this year, adding that 9.3 tones collected from 160 farmers, valued 9.6 billion Rials.

The official also announced the purchase of more than 2000 kg silk cocoon, in Minoodasht and Galikesh counties by the rural cooperatives, adding that the growth rate of the silk industry has doubled in comparison with the previous year.

"The agreed purchase will go on the mid- July with the set price stand on 75500 Tomans per kg", Shirzad implied.

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