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Iran Agriculture and Food Sector resilient enough to overcome challenges; Barter markets are triggering in the Border Areas: Deputy Minister

H.Shirzad, deputy minister of Jahad-agriculture and chairman of the CORC in an interview with PAT, stipulated that thanks to our previous experience on facing with arrogantly US sanctions, we never to be caught in a crisis since the issue is watched carefully by the economic authorities.

Addressing the full readiness of the food and agriculture department and due to the appropriate infrastructural facilities, managing director of CORC emphasized the very readiness to tackle any crisis nationwide.

Referring to the full strategic stocks of staple commodities, he ensured the secure supplying goods at least for six months; meanwhile, the storage of commodities are being supplied continuously.

"Considering the appropriate precipices, the Agri -crop production fetches to maximum comparing to the last 15 years, including wheat, dairy, livestock, and fodder" Shirzad reminded, adding that we are going to reinforce self-sufficiency in the food sector.

Reminding the triggering of barter markets as strategically transaction solutions to secure staples, he emphasized on the existing facilitated Iran trading relations with many countries, most important of the Latin American countries, Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East.

Elaborating the causes of the increasing trend of the staple commodities prices, he affirmed that the problem originated from inherent defects of the economic distribution system which hinders it to react concurrently with the national macroeconomy.

Enumerating the high price causes, he named overhead costs as the primary cause of staple commodities inflammations; however, he asserted that this sounds natural because of increasing insurance costs especially in marine transportations.

“Nevertheless, we have been facing some challenges to supply staple commodities, however the people well-being, as well as the nationally strategic stocks, proves the ability of agriculture sector to ensure food security”, the official added.

He also affirmed that during the past four decades, the Agri-crop fetch from 30 million tons to 150 million tons which indicates the capacity of the agriculture sector to guarantee food security.

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