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Tobaf: A Revived Art by Rural Women Coop

Dating back more than 3 centuries, Tobaf is one of the most traditionally textile handicrafts originating from of eastern Iran, however it recently rendered obsolete.

Yarns are made from natural material including silk, cotton or wool, processed by flour, dyed with natural coloring agent such as pomegranate, walnut and onion extract.  Then rural women weaved them by manually knitting looms to produce delicate and synthetic- free fabrics which could be used as towels, shirts, etc.

F.Zakerian, the managing director of rural women coop as well as a rural housewife of Khorashad village has trigged to revive this handicraft in order to tackle the drought challenges from 2006. The arty craft was not supported by the rural women at first; though by the insistent contribution of the managing director, many of them joined the initiative.

Currently the progressive trend of this lucratively export-oriented art proved to capture the national and international markets.

Sustaining the rural livelihood, ensuring the members' income, conservation of the indigenous knowledge, this initiative benefits more than 243 of cooperative members.

Due to impressive impact of the cooperative members' working for introducing the delicate fabrics at the  internationally and nationwide level , in 2018 a delegation of World Craft Council ,an affiliate of the united Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Oragnization (UNESCO) ,visited the khorashad.

 Admiring the effort of the rural women as well as the originality of the art, UNESCO registered Khorashad as the village of "Cultural Heritage" in 2018.

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