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Deputy of Agriculture-Jahad minister and CEO of CORC attended at 13th ICA-AP Regional Assembly and 10th Global Conference.

On November 27th ,the 13 ICA-AP regional assembly and 10th   global conference was held attended by Dr. Larijani, the Iran Parliament speaker ,Dr. Shariatmadari ,the minister of cooperation ,welfare and social welfare and Dr. H. Shirzad , Deputy of jahad- Agriculture minister and CEO of CORC.

Pointing out the globally current turbulent situation, Shirzad affirmed the regional and international coalition as the solution of combating challenges including food security and environmental problems. Cooperatives' share increasing in the power system is a strategically decision that government should adopt, Shirzad stated.

"   The consistent and growing trend of cooperatives, despite of the socio-economic challenges, has led to receive more attention. In Iran, rural cooperatives were developed in 1963 to secure improvement of rural areas", Shirzad added.

Elaboration the mission of rural cooperatives on policy making and supporting rural women cooperatives, he reminded that currently   having 6000 cooperative societies with 4.5, million members, the rural and agriculture cooperative network have captured the largest share of Iran cooperatives system.

CORC and rural and agricultural cooperatives enjoy legal bases including    comprehensively authenticated "Article of Association", the 44th Article of Constitutional Law on privatization as well as the land integration ACT, Shirzad stated.

Focusing on positive and negative empowerment as the main strategy for capacity building as well as to tackle the risks, Shirzad addressed the governmental aids for development of supporting funds to renovate the physical structure of the rural and agricultural network.

Upgrading the connection with market, livelihood improvement and securing the fair access for small scale farmers to the social justice are of the main goals of CORC which are endeavored to be achieved in cooperation with national union including CURACI, SCURA and CURPC.

"Development of cooperatives and farmers' organizations have enhanced rural entrepreneurship and farmers' income ", Dr.Shirzad, the CEO of CORC said.

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