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Cooperation between CORC and FAO on Saffron value chain started

Shirzad, the chairperson and CEO of the CORC, explaining the recent cooperation between CORC and FAO on Saffron value chain stated that after FAO declared its readiness to facilitate cooperation with CORC with the aim of capacity building for agricultural crops marketing, boosting the production potentials as well as enhancing export capacity of rural and agricultural cooperatives, CORC entered into the formal correspondence with FAO headquarter in Italy. While pointing to the role and functions of CORC and network of rural and agricultural cooperatives on agricultural market development, these correspondences declare the readiness of CORC on trade cooperation with European parties in marketing Saffron as a strategic crop.

In this context the high value crops like Saffron, its active ingredients (including Crocin, Picrocrocin and Safranal) as well as the medicinal specification of Saffron had been emphasized.

" Emady, the representative of I.R. Iran to FAO by holding joint meeting with  José Graziano da Silva, the director general of FAO ,had facilitated the proposal of FAO to provide technical aids including supporting sustainable development of Saffron chain, quality improvement of Saffron as well as it's by products and supporting the geographical indication (GI) of Iran Saffron",Shirzad added, explaining that José Graziano da Silva by expressing his strong desire for cooperation had asked to dispatch FAO delegation to I. R. Iran.

It is worth mentioning that for the first time the Saffron had been graded according to the morphological indexes by initiative of CORC and with the aid of authorized laboratories nationwide. Meanwhile CORC had purchased saffron through six supervisors in Razavai and South Khorasan.

"Currently, Iran share of the Saffron global market is extremely low and it is expected the cooperation between CORC and FAO could enhance this figure through study, contract farming ,compiling comprehensive standards ,processing and introduction of the Saffron national brand", Shirzad said.

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