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Joint meeting between CORC and the Club DEMETE's from France

According to the information center of CORC, H.Shirzad participated in the joint meeting between agriculture-Jahad and the Club DEMETER's from France on 28 September, 2018.

Briefing the functions and duties of the CORC as governmental organization as well as those of network of the rural and agricultural cooperatives, he focused on the financing methods for the implantation of the cooperatives projects.

 Introducing the rural and agricultural network, as the largest supplier network of food and agricultural products, he declared that this network thanks to its legal structure is fully ready for joint venture.

"Currently ,the financing of the cooperatives projects is supplied through cooperative and union capital, national funds of the agricultural sector, state bank credit of the agricultural sector and joint venture", he added.

Joint venture, development of home and abroad chain, contract farming, marketing, brand development and participation in production, linking the Iranian production and supply chains with the global markets and inserting high-techs through different steps of agricultural chains were the proposal items of CORC CEO for joint venture.

The Club DEMETER is a collaborative ecosystem of the agricultural and agro-food sector geared towards long-term reflection, global challenges and inter-sartorial dynamics. Founded in 1987, this collaborative ecosystem brings together 53 different members (farmers, enterprises, cooperatives, negotiators, producer federations, banks, technical institutes, professional organizations, etc.).




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